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February 28, 2013
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Repairs in the Key of 0g, in color by Sabakakrazny Repairs in the Key of 0g, in color by Sabakakrazny
Pen and Ink, digitally colored in Photoshop 7

Sushi works in the cargo bay of one of the vast freighters plying the Imperial starlanes. Typical of a starjack - a wandering crewman who basically travels from ship to ship - Sushi is working on a rather decrepit and well worn tramp freighter. Here she works in zero G doing some sort of adjustment while the vessel's cargo hold is dark and in zero gravity - so, likely either power leads, or as the warning sign on the access panel indicates more likely fiber optic control systems.

It's workup of an idea from a while back. I flubbed a bit and decided, what the hell, lets do it old style. For me, that's a bit more old school that it might seem - as I have HD and my physicality fails, its harder to do traditional methods, and this was an exercise to just tough it out and see if I still could. Took almost two days to execute but I'm generally happy with the results.

On a side note, as Arcas Arts can attest, my idea of old school also shows in the style and execution, as I wanted to recapture my old style of work - back then my only concession o tools was a choice on my part, to use only found objects - a straightedge was usually a cheap school ruler, a curve might be a piece of packaging. circle gauges were more likely to be various can lids.

However, more often, I simply did the whole thing freehand. In this case, its all freehand, barring the use of a old credit card for the straighter lines

having gotten the teeth in the bit I couldn't leave well enough along, and a heavy almost 14 hour session later, its finally in color. I built a variety of logos and graphics, to add a touch of neatness, plus a variety of textures , from metal to the T shirt design courtesy of Hello Kittys website ( it was a packing paper, IIRC)
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Love this!...the contrast between concept and technique is really great :)
Beautiful work. Very well done.
Joey1058 Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Coloring goes above and beyond amazing!
Apparently LCARS displays remain popular long after the 24th century.
DrOfDemonology Feb 28, 2013  Professional Writer
Awesomeness. 'Nuff said :D
Love the colors. It scares me that 'Hello Kitty' will survive a couple thousand years in the future. I don't think the vargr would approve. ;)

Great work. Love your Traveller work!
Arcas-Art Mar 9, 2013  Professional General Artist
I'm not sure the Aslan would be any happier with it?? ;p
This is awesome! I already liked the black-and-white version, but all those details make it even better.
Great work!
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